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Weaverville Yoga :: Home

Looking for our Live Yoga Webcasts and Yoga Videos?   Click here


Weaverville Yoga


...this is the kind of warm-hearted space
that embraces all kinds of bodies and
all levels of experience”

 — Daneenen Akers., Yelp Review      


Yoga For Life


At Weaverville Yoga we offer a variety of ways of practicing yoga -
because human beings are varied.

The common thread, the yoga mala, of what we teach
is that our way is based on
compassion, kindness, inclusion,and commitment.

The heart.

From the moment students step inside the door,
they notice a sweetness that is not found elsewhere.


This is because our classes
are centered on the heart – on awakening the heart.

Whether Yin, Kundalini, Anahata, vinyasa, ballet barre, therapeutic, restorative, Inbound, or gentle yoga
our teaching focuses on awakening the heart center,
the Anahata chakra.

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...gentle, healing yoga for Normal People. Nonjudgmental, good-humored teachers don’t care if you can’t touch your toes.” 

— Doctor P., Google Review          


Small Classes for All Levels


Are you coming back to yoga after a long time?
Are you beginning now?
Are you creaky, overweight, stiff as board?
Are you flexible, adept, and practice yoga regularly?
Are you older?
Are you looking for peace and nourishment in yoga?
Are you worried you won’t do well with yoga?

We welcome you!



We’re here for you.

You are perfectly okay and yoga is for you.
Yoga helps.
Weaverville Yoga is your yoga studio.


weaverville yoga flexible yoga for inflexible guys broyo broga

...I felt my body get stronger, my aches disappearing, and a general sense of well being. So grateful to Weaverville Yoga! “ 

— Diane Amos, Google Review          


Great Classes, Wonderful Teachers


At Weaverville Yoga, we search out experienced, sympathetic teachers who love sharing the joy of their practice.


Teachers who reflect the heart-centered philosophy of our studio. 


Our teachers have all completed hundreds of hours of training, and have years of experience (in some cases many years of experience). 


All of them are gentle, good natured, encouraging people, and they all get to know and love their students.


Our Classes: for all levels — (and more than yoga!)

Our popular 50+ yoga class

We offer many different yoga forms — from gentle to dynamic, from beginner to master.


We teach yoga for children, and yoga for the young at heart.


Yin, Anahata, Aryuvedic, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yoga Nidra, and more. Yoga for bedtime, for waking up, and anytime in between.


And still yet more: Pilates, Barre, Ageless Grace. Even Sneaker Tap


Dozens of classes each week, at convenient times — and you can also see instant videos of classes of our classes on demand.



...the teachers are kind and compassionate; they really care about their students” 

— Sue C., Google Review          


Join Us!


We want you to join us. Be part of our community of caring, committed people who want to enjoy a life of joy and good health.


Our beautiful new studio is so convenient — easy to get to, and close to everything. Free parking nearby.

Make our classes part of your routine.  



...And we’re online!

Plenty of online options

All our in-person studio classes are now webcast live, in real time.


We also have live webcast-only classes...taught by great teachers from all over, brought live to you. Full size, high-definition videos that make it almost like being there.

With Weaverville Yoga Live you’ll watch the actual classes as they’re being taught. You can chat online with the instructor and other members. 

Plus: WY Live’s on-demand library of more than 600 class videos.

 We also have “Yoga TV” — 12 channels of yoga videos playing 24-hours a day, in real time.
Each channel set up so you can chat with friends while you watch.


                           See the Library            Watch a Free Preview


So many ways to bring yoga into your home and your life.





“The best yoga studio in Asheville
...isn’t in Asheville.“ 

— Doctor P., Google Review          


Questions? Want to know more?

Contact us! We’re glad to help.


“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”

- The Dalai Lama




Weaverville Yoga      3 Florida Avenue Weaverville NC 27878         828-348-4171


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