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Are you coming back to yoga after a long time?
Are you beginning now?
Are you creaky, overweight, stiff as board?

Are you flexible, adept, and practice yoga regularly?
Are you older?
Are you looking for peace and nourishment in yoga?
Are you worried you won’t do well with yoga?

We welcome you!  We’re here for you. You are perfectly okay and yoga is for you.


Yoga helps.
Weaverville Yoga is your yoga studio.



A Letter to the Students from Jessica


Hello beautiful souls!!!
Earlier today you hopefully received an email from Barbara explaining that the yoga studio is closed for at least two weeks in an effort to contain the virus.  The downside is that right now we all need support of the community more than ever.  However, in hopes of containing the virus, we will gather via videos on Facebook in the meantime.
I plan to teach tomorrow morning on the Weaverville Yoga webcast group page. (https://m.facebook.com/groups/201813887769297).
 My understanding is that members have already been enrolled in the group. If you are not a member but use cards, those can be collected and given to the studio when we reopen or payments can be sent via PayPal.  In order To join the private group, please email Barbara so that she can add you in order to access the live webcasts. (Weavervilleyoga@gmail.com). 
The goal is also to offer some free classes and meditations on the public page.  Your support of the studio right now is greatly appreciated.
I already miss seeing all of your smiling faces! We need yoga now more than ever.  It is a common response to go up out of the body and into the head during times of stress, fear or anxiety.  The widespread panic going around can feel contagious. But the fear and panic are not who you are. Nor are they necessary.  We can stay clear and grounded while facing a global challenge.
I encourage you more than ever to do at least a few stretches every day. When you wake up and throughout the day take a moment to go into your heart and to feel your own body. Ask yourself how you are doing. Imagine what your cells feel like inside your legs and your feet and your belly. Breathe deeply.  
Your soul is not afraid. Because your soul knows its divine nature. Your soul understands that it lives on in eternity.  Love matters more than anything else right now. Please do not buy into the fear. Fear is more contagious than the virus itself. It also lowers your immune system.
I will be doing a meditation on Thursday at 5 PM on the Weaverville Yoga webcast page, and hopefully by then we can set it up on the public page as well.
I’m happy to offer suggestions on things you can do to boost your immune system and antivirals that will help if that interests you. Using caution and discernment is appropriate. The panic is not. Please pay close attention to the distinction and your own choices, as we are needed more than ever to hold the light of truth in our hearts.  
I love you and am here to support you. We are all navigating this together!

At Weaverville Yoga we offer a variety of ways of practicing yoga - because human beings are varied.

The common thread, the yoga mala, of what we teach is that our way is based on compassion, kindness, inclusion, and commitment. The heart.

From the moment students step inside the door, they notice a sweetness that is not found elsewhere.


This is because our classes are centered on the heart – on awakening the heart. Whether Yin, Kundalini, Anahata, vinyasa, ballet barre, therapeutic, restorative, Inbound, or gentle yoga our teaching focuses on awakening the heart center, the Anahata chakra.


Our mission at Weaverville Yoga

is to create a safe, kind, pure atmosphere for people of all kinds to grow and learn through the regular practice of yoga. 

We are here especially for people new to yoga, anyone who can use yoga to feel better, and those who will thrive with the restorative, therapeutic, and gentle aspects of yoga we teach. We work with love and respect to support and encourage our students.  We work on ourselves through a consistent, honest yoga practice as part of our lives as teachers of others.

For our students:  This studio is a place of refuge where you can feel safe in transforming yourselves.  Whatever path has led you to our door, we welcome you wholeheartedly.  We are happy to offer you our best.

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“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”

- The Dalai Lama


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