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Barbara Schauer, Founder, ERYT500 



See the Anahata practice on YouTube here.


 She lived with anxiety and depression since childhood.  Sometimes it eased back - sometimes months and years were lost.  In 2001 Barbara walked into her first Anahata yoga class and met her teacher Ana Costa.  Barbara had always had a wonder and respect for yoga and had practiced here and there and on her own.  She lived in her mind rather than her body but she had an inborn ground of spiritual life that had already led her to India and into art as her life’s work.   Read more...


Alica Hedges, DPT (Be Strong Wellness)


Our neighbor at 9 Florida Avenue, Alicia will set up her practice as a PT with specialization in women’s health in September 2019.

She will teach a five week series, Awakening the Lower Chakras, beginning September 12/13. It will be Thursdays at 5 pm and concurrently a class running at 1.30 Friday afternoons, whichever is more convenient for you.  Lower Chakras is the core - something we all need to tone and bring to life. Information on how to register and reserve a spot for yourself is here.


Alicia Hedges, DPT is a women’s health specialist who loves to help women find, feel and firm their core, while understanding their body and gaining more energy to live their life purpose. She is passionate about helping others understand the feminine and how to work with and not against the hormones, cycles and seasons of life from puberty to menopause and beyond. This includes bladder and bowel issues, pregnancy & postpartum concerns/recovery, digestion and detox, musculoskeletal pain, headaches, balance, chronic pain, fatigue, fibromyalgia, general weakness and muscle training needs. Read more...


Utah Green, Kundalini Yoga


In addition to teaching and practicing Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan,  Utah Green is a professional musician singer-songwriter/performer and mother to a most amazing 7 year old human. She has been a kundalini practitioner since 2000 when she took Sierra Hollister’s Kundalini yoga class at Warren Wilson College.

She then continued a simple practice and travelled, wrote a good many songs, recorded a few albums, and did some deep soul discovering.

After becoming a mother in 2012, and attending Ra Ma Kaur’s and Sierra’s classes in Asheville on a regular basis, she was inspired to dig deeper into the ancient wisdom of this yoga. In 2014 she took the KRI Level 1 Teacher training with Harijiwan, Tej and Guru Jagat, where she decided that teaching was indeed part of her life’s path.


Kundalini can be gentle and still, as well as difficult and vigorous, all of which will calm and strengthen the nervous system. It uses rhythm of breath and mantra to sync the body with the rhythm of earth, cosmos, and life.



Anita Feldman, Embodyoga



After forty years of exploring and focusing on the wisdom of the body, through dance, somatics, the study of anatomy, and yoga, I read a quote by Deepak Chopra that helped me understand the significance of my life’s interest: “Being aware of your body unleashes intelligence, creativity and power. Being aware isn’t trivial, and it isn’t optional either.”


 Embodyoga, developed by master teacher Patty Townsend and highly influenced by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen’s therapeutic Body-Mind Centering®, is all about developing internal awareness. Learning about the miraculous anatomy of our bodies and being guided through words and touch to experience ourselves internally, leads to a healthy, aligned, easeful, spacious and prana-full yoga. Embodyoga encourages us to be curious about our own bodies. My classes are a slow flow, giving time to explore the alignment and energy of each asana, but also focusing on the journey from one asana to the next. They include what we need as we age – strengthening, stretching, balancing, meditating, relaxing, and what is most important, a focus on coordinated breathing which brings it all together.  Read more...


Ellora Girisa


Ellora completed her 200 hour teacher training at Asheville Yoga Center in August 2018. She is following our Continuous Education Program focused on Anahata Yoga lead with careful supervision of Barbara Schauer.


Ellora enjoys practicing and improving her yoga for alignment, stretch, restorative, prenatal, and postnatal. Her focus is on strengthening the mind and body to correct daily imbalances. Her current interest is posture improvement for diastasis recti condition improvement and of cyclists. It was her own effort to help the poor posture of her athletic cyclist husband. Diastasis recti is one of the many consequences of a poor posture and consists of excessive separation of the rectus abdominus muscles. Cyclists have strong lower bodies, and neglected and misaligned upper bodies - and so do many of us who spend time at computers and steering wheels! She loves to follow the Anahata path to reach an improved posture. Read more...


Eryn Murman, RYT200


Warm 26 for All Yoga incorporates two breathing exercises and 26 postures incorporating balance, strength and flexibility.  Each posture stretches and strengthens specific muscles, ligaments, and joints needed for the next posture.  This style of yoga stimulates the organs, glands and nerves, moving fresh oxygenated blood throughout the body.  Sweating during warm yoga can help you detoxify as you reduce water retention and sweat out toxins.  By drinking plenty of water, your gastrointestinal, urinary, and cardiovascular systems work better, naturally detoxifying tissues and cells and clearing waste more readily from the body.  All levels are welcome and modifications always available!  You may like to bring a towel to place over your mat and bottle of water for your practice.

The new Basics class with Eryn is a gentle and welcoming approach to the yoga postures and flow. Wonderful for beginners or anyone looking for a refresher and deeper understanding of alignment and breath.  All are welcome!



Esther Sabatino


My name is Esther Sabatino and I love yoga. I also love living in these mountains. They provide a powerful energy that I often tap into. I’ve loved yoga for years and now find that I live it and breathe it. One of my goals as a teacher is to help guide my classes to look inward and find the connection of love that yoga brings to the body, mind and spirit because, it is very possible to live and love life every day with joy.

My passion is to explore the therapeutics of yoga through a gentle style yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and meditation. My intention is to bring a gentle and therapeutic energy to each class and to grow and learn as we all connect. My commitment is to be completely present with you in each class as we get inside our bodies and find the healing we are all capable of.

Esther  teaches Candlelight Gentle Flow on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month beginning October 14, 4-5 pm.



Ginny Goodin


Ginny Goodin is a tai chi, qigong and meditation instructor, personal development coach, and a long-term student of centering practices as a core path to a relaxed, conscious approach to daily life.


Tai Chi Chuan was an easy love affair for her, enthralled by the fluidity and gracefulness of the movements, and deeply moved by the centering and peacefulness of the discipline. With 30 years of practice, she has experienced how energy moves through the body and how profoundly we can affect our daily life with this simple yet deep practice.  Read more...


Jeannie Adair, NIA teacher




Jeannie says:  About 10 years ago I began attending Nia classes. Not all at once, but a little at a time, I peeled back layer after layer of emotional pain and tension during each Nia class.  I began the process of releasing trauma that I had been storing deep inside my body for years.That was the beginning of my embodiment journey!  Read more...


Jenne Sluder


Jenne is a yoga therapist, professional musician, and a native of Asheville, NC. She is a qualified mental health professional with a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University, specializing in a somatic approach to improving mental health. She is a certified yoga therapist and is trained as an advanced (RYT500) instructor of therapeutic yoga and meditation. Therapeutic Yoga applies anatomical precision, intelligent sequencing, and a calming pace to relieve anxiety, stress, and fatigue and to stretch, strengthen and increase mobility in muscles and joints as well as to fine tune the body’s systems, improving circulation of blood and lymph, balancing the nervous system and strengthening mental clarity, healthy breathing, and digestive function. As a therapeutic yoga instructor, Jenne strives to empower students to progress toward improved health and well-being through safe, informed, and precise application of the most relevant yoga practices for each individual’s capacities and conditions. Jenne teaches yoga in both traditional studios as well as in mental health settings for adults and at-risk youth. 



Jessica Falcon

Trained as a lawyer, Jessica left her legal career after seven years of practice to embark on a spiritual pilgrimage to Europe. The journey took her deeper within than she ever imagined. Her body became her compass. As it spoke to her on the yoga mat, she discovered an innate connection between her body and her beliefs, as well as the power to change them both.


Currently, she is writing a book which interweaves ancient feminine mysteries with her own modern inner quest. She is also grateful to be part of the farm family at Herb Mountain Farm, where her love of the Earth, herbs, movement and magic meet.


InnerCore Yoga: 


Joyce Hones


Joyce Hones is a teacher of heart-centered yoga with a focus on safe alignment and intelligent sequencing of asana. Her primary studentship has been at City Yoga (Columbia, SC) and she completed a 200-hour teacher training in November 2016 through Rasika Yoga School (Cornelius, NC).  Read more...


Leslie Myers




Leslie Myers, a New York City girl, relocated to Asheville with her native son husband and family in 2006. During her 20+ year career as a dancer and teacher in NYC, Leslie performed and toured the United States and abroad. She was a company member with Rioult Dance New York, Pearl Lang Dance Theatre, Graham 2, Richard Move, and others, and has appeared in film and television. Her dance teaching includes The Martha Graham school, The Ailey school, Barnard College, Marymount Manhattan College, LIU Brooklyn campus, and numerous workshops and master classes. She was a faculty member of the Neighborhood Playhouse for the Theatre, and has worked with the Actor’s Studio Master’s degree students. Read more...



Linda Go, E-RYT 200 & YACEP



           Linda Go is an instructor and presenter in The Yoga of Sound Arts and Practices. Her Nāda Yoga foundation as a professional vocalist, musician/composer, recording artist, Sanskrit and yoga teacher provide a “sound” base for the her Restorative, Meditation classes as well as Kirtan: the ancient practice of call and response chanting as a communal sound meditation practice. “ When people come together and join their voices in harmony, their heart opens and the world changes! That’s the magic and science of Nāda Yoga !” Read more...



Martha Scarborough, RYT  Certified Kundalini Instructor

 Martha finds both joy and peacefulness in her yoga practice, and she attempts to share these through her teaching style. Her classes harness the power of movement, breath, mantra, and meditation, gently sprinkled with laughter and good humor, to help facilitate a state of relaxation and harmony. Read more...


Steven Mucciarone


Steven is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor based in Asheville, NC.  He first started attending Kundalini Yoga classes with Ra Ma Kaur in Asheville, and it became clear to him almost instantly that this was the magic he had been waiting for.  Within a year of starting his practice, he made a daunting move and signed up for the Harijiwan Program to receive his Kundalini Yoga teaching certification.  He completed his KRI certification in NYC at Ra Ma Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology, and this life changing experience accelerated the process of carving out the path to teach.  He his honored to be teaching in the beautiful city of Asheville and making the teachings accessible to every body. Read more...

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