Our First 108 Mala Student -

Debby Vigeland


Building one yoga practice at a time.
Our first yogi has completed
the 108 classes and earned
the studio mala of 108 beads.
For practicing with all your heart,
Debby Vigeland,
we celebrate your beautiful effort!

The mala is jasper, a pale green stone,
in the color of the Anahata heart chakra. 


In her own words, the experience


Tina Folse - August 17 - 108 Mala



What’s it like to practice at Weaverville Yoga?

Just ask our students!


“It was such a positive experience for my first class ever. I’m excited at the prospects of more.” Colleen R


“Great classes and teachers. Love this place so glad I found it”   Cathy R


“Exactly what I was hoping for”  George R


“This was my first yoga class and it was awesome.”  Janet B


“Awesome teacher and class”  B. C.


“All good!”  Terri T


“I absolutely love this place. Some of the kindest teachers! Sweet, Calm & Beautiful environment!”   Holly S  Read more...


Tricha Diaz

108 Mala recipient

August 5


 In her own words


Carolyn Heidemann - July 5- 108 Mala


Carolyn Heidemann now has completed
the 108 classes and earned
the studio mala of 108 beads.

We respect and are inspired by your

steady enthusiasm and dedication!

Please accept as a token of our esteem

this mala in the gentle greens of the

Anahata heart chakra. 


Generous in all ways, Carolyn presented

Barbara and Randi with essential oil necklaces she made specially for her teachers and read out this genuine message to the students:Read more...



Rebecca Ash - July 10 - 108 Mala


I reflected on the 108 classes I’ve attended at Weaverville Yoga since January, reading back in my journal my account of what each class produced for me. It was like seeing layers being pulled off of myself, each time I showed up and participated, whether the class was a challenge or felt like a reward, I was always left amazed at what was uncovered for me about myself and who I really am. Each time I show up to class, the feeling I receive from my body being allowed to lead me outweighed anything my mind might have tried to produce. What was right and to be done in the moment felt autonomous. Everything comes second after yoga, I practice because it has become my most trusted guide in what is right.

With gratitude,

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