Weaverville Yoga has been a sweet studio home to me since I moved to this area 2 years ago. From the warm welcome I received in the first class I attended ️, to the opportunity I’ve had to develop my own classes, this studio has provided so much to me. We have shared joy during times of celebration, solace during challenging times, and a landing place to move and breathe on all the days in between.
Come practice and see how this sweet, peaceful space is being transformed.
Joyce Hones, Yoga Teacher

Tina Folse - August 17 2019 - 108 Mala




Sandi Childs. February 12, 2020  108 Mala award 


 Everyone needs yoga. The harder you work, the more you need to breathe, stretch, move, and feel good!

What’s it like to practice at Weaverville Yoga?


Just ask our students!


My mind feels clearer and I am able to think about more than just what is in the moment that may be troubling.

My body has gained flexibility even with only a short time of taking part in the practice.  Knees feel better and I feel like my posture is better when walking and sitting.”  Lisa L

“It was such a positive experience for my first class ever. I’m excited at the prospects of more.” Colleen R


“Great classes and teachers. Love this place so glad I found it”   Cathy R


“Exactly what I was hoping for”  George R


“This was my first yoga class and it was awesome.”  Janet B



Absolutely Positively Perfect!“  Susan Whitley





“Awesome teacher and class”  B. C.


“All good!”  Terri T


“I absolutely love this place. Some of the kindest teachers! Sweet, Calm & Beautiful environment!”   Holly S  Read more...

 Pam Durden - 108 Mala - November 21 2019

Tricha Diaz

108 Mala recipient

August 5


 In her own words


Attended Steven’s Gong Wash class last night. INCREDIBLE! Came home and went to bed to continue the positive effects of the evening. It was great. I will try to make it part of my Yoga routine.”Lying still” is definitely one of my better Yoga poses. Really mind clearing. Thank you so much for offering such a fabulous array of classes!   Mary Ann R


Meredith Doster, pilgrim yogi, visited a spiritual refuge in New Mexico and connected the dots to her yoga practice in this remarkable blog . Namaste, Amen!



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