Trying us out? Drop in anytime!

You’re always welcome at Weaverville Yoga.

If you’re just starting out

or starting up again

take a class and find out how Weaverville Yoga’s

heart-centered yoga can change your life.


Ready to go? We can help.

Our package of 5 classes

is a great way to save.

A $75 value for only $50


(Buy online here, come in and ask your

teacher for your package of cards

to use each time you take class.)




Really getting into yoga?
We want to make it easy.

Our $100 package

gives you 11 classes

a 40% savings.



(Buy online here, come in and ask your

teacher for your package of cards

to use each time you take class.)


Make a commitment and save even more.

For only $75/month, get unlimited yoga.
Cancel your subscription any time.*


Make this your year, and save the most.

Make a one year commitment. 

Not only do you get full yoga bragging rights,

you’ll get unlimited classes

for only $60/month,*


* Memberships renew every month.

$75 monthly members can cancel anytime.

$60 monthly members may cancel at the end of one year.


Weaverville Yoga uses PayPal for secure transactions.





Unlimited Monthly Yoga for only $60.


Some of us love our class cards and like the expansiveness of never expiring class cards - and we use them regularly.


Some of us do better with the structure of a deadline - sweetened by the all-you-can-take yoga buffet!


For the buffet yogis, Weaverville Yoga now offers monthly memberships!


A little money for a lot of yoga.  The way it works out (we’ll sketch out the math for you) if you take six classes a month  you do as well money-wise as using the package cards.  If you take yoga twice a week or more, you save money with the membership.


If you always intend to come in and take class but are constantly pulled off course, the membership may help you keep your yoga schedule solid


What we believe, because we have seen it with our own eyes, is that a regular yoga practice keeps you healthy, happy, beautiful, and disciplined in the other ways life needs.  So we are cheering you on!


Choose the membership or the cards, but make yoga part of your good life.


You can cancel at any time. The first 100 who sign up will be Weaverville Yoga Charter Members and receive shopping bags with our logo - as soon as we have them made.  Thank you for supporting Weaverville Yoga.  Thank you for supporting Y O U R S E L F.

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