9-10.15Yoga Inbound
10.30-11.45Anahata Yoga *
12-1.15 pm50+ Yoga *  Barbara
5.30-6.30Gentle Flow *
6.45-7.45Hot 26 
7.30-8.45Ashtanga Prep - Primary Series
9-10Flexible Yoga for Inflexible Guys
12-1.15Tai Chi *
3-4 Ageless Grace* (moves to 12 pm Thurs on Dec 6)
5.15-6.15Yoga Hour
6.30-7.45Ashtanga Prep - Primary Series
9-10.15Yoga Inbound  Randi
10.30-11.45Anahata Yoga*  Barbara
12-1.1550+ Yoga**  Barbara
5.15-6.15Power Flow
6.30-7.45Hot 26 (begins Jan 16)  Eryn
7.30-8.45Ashtanga Prep - Primary Series
9-10.15Gentle Therapeutic Yoga**  Jenne
10.30-11.45Yin Yoga*
3-4Intergrative Yoga for Seniors (November 8 and 29/December 6 and 13)  Darleen
5.15-6.15Yoga Hour
9-10.15Yoga Inbound  Randi
10.30-11.45Anahata Yoga*  Barbara
12-1.1550+Yoga**  Barbara
5.30-6.45Friday Yoga Happy Hour

Yoga Inbound

10.30-11.45Anahata Yoga*
1-3 pm

November 17. Change Your Posture, Save Your Neck (and Shoulders!) Register here

  Kelly Gilmore
6.30-8 pm

Dec 22.   Winter Solstice Bhakti Celebration.

9-10.15Gentle Habit Shifting Kundalini Yoga.
  Dass Tiaga
4-5 Candlelight Gentle Flow (begins Oct 14. Every 2nd and 4th Sunday) Oct 14 & Oct 28
5.15-6.15Yoga/Pilates Fusion.
3-5 pm

December 2. What Sustains You? Yoga Nidra practice.

January 6. Sankalpa - New Year’s Vows. Yoga Nidra -   register here

1-3 pmNovember 11. Prenatal Yoga.  Register here.  Izzy Adair
1-3 pm November 18. Winter Warmer. Register here.  Sally Robinson




New To Yoga? Wonderful! 

Beginners Welcome!


Weaverville Yoga has a special love for beginning students.
Start with one of our beginner-friendly classes.



Look for the Asterisks!


You’ll see lots of classes below have been marked with asterisks.


Any of our classes are open to all students,

but our beginner-friendly classes include special support to help you

build a safe personal yoga practice.


* = beginner friendly

**  = extra gentle



Pricing and payment options:

At Weaverville Yoga we believe yoga should be affordable to all. Drop in for any class. You can pay for classes one at a time or buy a package of passes that can be used for any classes that fit your schedule.

Single class: $15
Packet of 5 classes: $50
Packet of 10 classes: $100 and the 11th class free


Student rates: drop in class $10, package of five classes $25.


Monthly memberships for unlimited classes are $75/month.

This is a monthly payment through PayPal

that lets you stop and start as you wish.

It is a bargain if what you want to do is develop a consistent yoga practice - which we hope you do.

We can handle cash, checks,  PayPal and credit cards.


Private instruction is available by appointment. Contact us to set a time and request a teacher.
Private lessons at the studio: one hour $60.
Private lessons offsite: one hour $100.
Corporate and group classes may be arranged by calling or writing the studio.








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