This is your time.


Weaverville Yoga - Never Diet Again Workshop


You will look and feel better. Imagine it.

You will learn:

    • Gentle Yoga - Anahata yoga appropriate for all levels and conditions.
    • Mindfulness - the power of simple, practical meditation to support physical, mental and emotional change.
    • Habit Shifting - the skills and self understanding to break harmful habits and replace them with your better ones.
    • Food Knowledge - what we learned was wrong wrong wrong, but it is simple to relearn better information.
    • Group Support - we have fun together and it helps you finally succeed. We are in this together. Look around. You are not alone. So let’s work together - and have fun.
    • Powerful self-care techniques.
    • Structure - real pillars to build on safely and permanently. This is for good.

               We are changing our name - because it isn’t quick as Quickstart suggests (the tools are simple though and what we do is intuititive), it’s for the rest of our lives. And it isn’t weight loss - because diets make us fat and sick (they do NOT work) and we know that now, all the evidence is building a case that diets make us obese. If any of us learns anything from what we work on in the workshop, never dieting again would be good. You’d be healthier. You could learn to love yourself as you are and that would be an excellent outcome from the workshop. Or you could learn to use the tools and decide to set out for the other shore - we have a bridge if you want to go there. Either way, bless you on your way. But never diet again.


Watch for upcoming workshops.



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