Megan’s Book Club
7 pm

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Led by our dear teacher
Megan Hoelscher Wheless
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August book: Big Magic

by Elizabeth Gilbert




7.15-8.15 pm

Gong Sound Healing Bath (without yoga poses, suitable for everyone)

Steven Muccianone




Pen and Plate Writers


Jeanne Hewell-Chambers


4.30-6 pm

Your Life Stories


3 reasons it’s a good idea to write your life stories:
1. Setting your stories to paper helps you identify the themes and threads of your life and make sense of what you’ve lived. Committing your stories to paper gives meaning to them and to your life experiences.
2. Writing your stories can be healing and transformative.It
can help you sort things out and situate them in the
context of your life. Shifts happen when you write your life.
Seen through the lens of your pen, big things can become small while small things can become big.
3. Much of what we know about history comes from personal stories and diaries. Your stories will prove an invaluable legacy to family, friends, and the world.
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