Memberships/Class Cards/Gift Cards  



During this time, a membership is the way to 


1.  See our studio through.

2.  Commit to practicing on schedule with a real teacher online and stay well yourself.

3. Bring other people into a yoga practice by inviting three free guests into your membership


The memberships are through PayPal.


The gratitude from us will be immense.


You may also use class cards for classes if you prefer. That would be great - we want you

to stay well and keep going with your practice.



Saint membership - thank you! 3 free guests can be included

Angel membership - Thank you for your generous support! 3 free guests

$10/month Teen membership
For kids who need it- unlimited classes


Class Packages

Class cards you can use for any class. They never expire. Buy only the number you want go to class any time!




$15 Drop In


Come by any time.

buy here








$50 for 5 classes


A very good deal.


Buy here

pick up at the studio






$100 for 10

plus a free bonus card



Buy here

Pick them up at the studio.

They never expire and can be

shared with friends.






Lucky Duck


New students


Returning students

(if you haven’t been to the studio in a year or more)

$36/6 classes


buy here

Come home. We miss you!




$25/5  Student Price


High school and college students save on

        yoga class cards.  here






Gift Cards

Yoga and all the classes and private instruction we offer

is the best present you could give.

It can be simpe, by selecting from our Square items.





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