If you expect to attend classes regularly, a membership is your best bargain. 

These renew automatically every month...but you can cancel any time.

Up to 10 classes each month

Unlimited Classes


Class Packages

Class cards you can use for any class. They never expire. Buy only the number you want go to class any time!




$15 Drop In


Come by any time.

buy here








$50 for 5 classes


A very good deal.


Buy here

pick up at the studio






$100 for 10

plus a free bonus card



Buy here

Pick them up at the studio.

They never expire and can be

shared with friends.






Lucky Duck

New students

Returning students

(if you haven’t been to the studio in a year or more)

$36/6 classes

buy here

Come home. We miss you!


Student Packages

For students in high school or college, we make yoga affordable. 5-class packages for half the usual price.




$25/5  Student Price


High school and college students save on yoga  here






Our cards are non-refundable, but they never expire. You have all the time you need to use them - which we hope you do!

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